A Wonderful, Miracle, Merry Christmas

Just wanted to give you an update on our trip. We are having the most incredible time. Christmas in Tharaka. Wow! We are visiting the orphans, widows, and sick people that EOFO is caring for every day. How God has blessed us. You can imagine that when you live for the day or the week to just eat again, how little hype there is over Christmas. They are grateful however for all that we are doing for them.
We have a special lunch planned for all of our orphans on Christmas Day. Victoria and I were able to ship over 400 lbs of not just school books but boxes of small gifts like the ones made for Samaritan’s Purse to give to every child. Victoria will be making decorations with them to take back and place in their home. Dolie snowflakes, popcorn on a string (like that will last). Victoria is keeping me up past midnight every night sorting through all the gifts “making everything fair” just as she did for our kids.
We are having another lunch for 8 children with HIV on New Years Day. We have been feeding them for some time now. Again we will bless them with a nice lunch and a special time to remind them how special they are and how much God loves them, despite the shame and the sickness they are experiencing. God has not forgotten the people of Tharaka! His saving grace was intended for, especially designed for, and purposed for them.
We can definitely say that the real Gospel is being delivered to the people of Tharaka and that YOU are responsible for this. We thank you again.
Victoria and I wish you a wonderful, miracle, Merry Christmas.
Senator Kyle McCarter