Boniface is College Bound!

Dear Friends,

We reached our year end giving goal of $15,000 that was matched by one of our donors. From the bottom of our hearts, Kyle and I want to thank you for your faithful prayers and  Bonifacegenerous support. Because of your giving, Boniface now has a future and hope. Boniface lost both his mother and father many years ago. He and his four siblings have been sponsored by EOFO since that time. Boniface recently completed high school and is now attending teacher’s college. We had the privilege of praying for him before sending him off to school. After loading him up with bedding, pots, pans, soap, school supplies, and food, he looked at me and commented, “I think I really do need a mother!”

Thank you for showing Boniface the love of a mother and father. Thank you for showing him Jesus. We pray that throughout 2015 you will experience the love of Jesus like never before and that you’ll be blessed more than you can imagine because of your giving!

Boniface 2

We believe the best is yet to come!

Sincerely in Christ,

Victoria McCarter
P.S. We are again experiencing drought in Tharaka and have had to double the food rations we give to the desperately poor. A gift of any amount this month would help to feed those ravished by drought.

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