You Can Change a Life!

Dear Friends,

Moreen came by yesterday to visit us. This little girl holds a special place in our heart. Moreen is 13 years old. Her mom died many years ago from sickness. Just last year her father experienced a tragic death. He was caught stealing and was doused with gasoline and lit on fire to his death. Can you imagine the shame, the embarrassment, the hurt, and now the loneliness?

Someone has to remind her that God’s plan for her is still just as magnificent as God had planned for her in the beginning. We showed her lots of love, gave her plenty of maize and beans to take back to her aunt’s house where she lives, and found the nicest clothes we had for her. Since we were out of shoes in her size I picked her up a pair at the Bata store in a small town close to us.

Victoria with Moreen after she won a medal at the 5K Race.

Moreen knows there is a mom and dad that love her, believe in her, and will protect her. This is what you who partner with Each1Feed1 are making possible. A young girl like Moreen now has hope because of you.

Will you help me? The abandoned, orphaned, and abused children we are raising up to honor God and serve others do not all have sponsors. We make the most of every dollar given. Will you partner with us today if you have not already? $40 a month, $100, or even $1,000 a month.

Give HERE.

dorcas boarders

Some of the beautiful artwork created by Dorcas, a student at MLEA.

A team from the U.S.A. is with us now experiencing first-hand this exciting work in Tharaka, Kenya. I know you will want to hear from them when they return. I am thankful to them for all their help working in the clinic, school, building bathrooms, and raising the roof on the new clinic. Our children have enjoyed so much the special classes on art, music, and volleyball.

bill & alfie boarders

Team members Bill & Alfie teaching in children’s chapel.

May God bless you as you partner with us to raise up the next generation.



Sen. Kyle & Victoria McCarter


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