Can you help a child in need?

Dear Friends,

Baby Lilian was on the verge of death.

A severely malnourished Lilian was brought into our clinic a few weeks ago. Our clinic staff alerted me that this eleven month old baby weighed only nine pounds. Purity, our nurse, was filled with compassion and immediately offered to help pay for the baby’s initial fee so Lilian could receive emergency treatment. We called our driver and rushed Purity on a piki piki (motorcycle) to the local hospital. After a ten day stay she was released, that’s how very sick she was.

Many of you remember the story of Eric, a little boy who was abandoned and left at the side of the road on New Year’s Eve. When Eric was brought to us he had a constant, rattling cough and was unable to walk or talk. Thanks to the support of our friends and partners, we’ve been able to provide Eric with nutritious food and medical care and now he is both walking and talking. You should have heard the cheers when he took his first steps!

None of this would be possible without the generous support of you, our friends and partners. This month, any gift you give will help to pay for Lilian’s care as well as help hundreds of other hurting little girls and boys who are in desperate need of food and medical care. Not only will they receive food and medical care, they will receive the unconditional love of Jesus that they need to help heal from years of physical and emotional abuse and neglect.
It always amazes me how hungry the people of Tharaka are, not just for food but for solid biblical teaching.

I returned from Kenya a few weeks ago after teaching on the Ten Commandments. I’m happy to report our staff and kids soaked up the teachings and a few our staff even got out their phones to take photos of the scriptures so they wouldn’t forget! Please continue to pray that our staff and children will understand and apply these biblical teaching to their everyday lives.

No matter how you decide to get involved, I want to leave you with a word of encouragement.

The bible says that when you help hurting people it’s something that endures forever and that we are blessed to be a blessing. I believe you will be extremely blessed and that your joy will increase and multiply when you give to help these precious children.

Thank you for everything you do to continue to help us help the hurting!
Kyle & Victoria

Senator Kyle and Victoria McCarter

As the scripture says, “They share freely and give generously to the poor. Their good deeds will be remembered forever.” 2 Corinthians 9:9