Celebrating Easter

Dear Friends,

Beneath the moonlight communion was being prepared. It was Easter week in Tharaka and the kids were looking forward to taking communion for the first time.

Armed with Nakumatt grape juice, small plastic shot glasses and Manji cream crackers, I was ready for an anointed evening.

However, pesky African gnats kept swarming me. They became tangled in my hair and bit my neck, but my determination finally won. As I poured the grape juice and lifted the cracker to the gentle melody of “Communion Song”,  I knew God was still in control, still on the throne, still ravishingly pouring out His love on me and the sweet children of Tharaka.

Celebrating Easter

The moment we finished communion, the skies opened up and the rain began to pour, matching the words to the song we had been playing, “I’m the Lamb that was slain, and My blood washes you clean. I’m the pure sacrifice, let my life give You life, I’m the Lamb.”

We made a mad dash from under the tent to the dorm rooms. Did the plate of leftover crackers stay dry? I spread them out on a tin plate in front of a fan. It would be a waste in Tharaka to throw away crackers just because they were a little damp.

All throughout the week, I reminded our children and staff about the reason we celebrate Easter. Our precious Lord and Savior has redeemed us from the curse of sin by freely giving His life for us. This moment would not have been possible without your giving!

Excellent Academy kids performing their
Easter drama.
After a week filled with dramas, Easter egg hunts, and celebrations, most of the children left our campus for a three week home visit. Each child underwent a medical screening before they were released. Next they are given food rations and emergency contact numbers.

My group carried a family of four children, Grace, Sophia, Wilson, Naphtali and their Auntie in our Nissan truck. We had to drive through two rivers then walk a kilometer uphill in the mud while carrying the maize and beans on our backs.

When we reached the house we were warmly greeted by a very old grandmother. She thanked us profusely in Mother tongue while her grandson, Peter, cleaned the mud off our shoes with a machete.

It is good to go on a home visit to be reminded of why we help these kids and to see the Great Commission at work.

Thank you for your continued support that makes this work possible. While we are helping as many children as possible, there are still kids who are in need of sponsorship.

When you sponsor a child their life is not the only one that will be transformed, yours will be too.  Give your best gift today!

We are eternally grateful,


Victoria McCarter

Director of Education
The clinic renovations are almost complete!
Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Matthew 28:19