Children in Need

Dear Friends,

Rose is not even 30 years old. Abused, abandoned, and left with three children, Faith25 (6), Makena (4), and a “baby boy in a box” she lives in the nearby market. She worked and was paid in alcohol to keep her enslaved to her addiction until EOFO found her. We gave her a job in our kitchen and enrolled Faith and Makena at Mama Linda’s Excellent Academy. Since working for us, Rose has overcome her addiction. Before our team left Tharaka, a few of the ladies took these beautiful girls and bathed them and put a new school uniform on them complete with new shoes. They are barefoot & dirty no more. Will you partner with us and sponsor Faith or Makena at $40/month?

Now imagine these two sweet little girls were yours. You walk to the river 1/4 mile away to get a matungi (5 gallon plastic container) of water to cook and wash with. When you return you find a young boy in the process of molesting your four year old. You beat the young boy away with the nearest stick you can find and then comfort your injured child. The boy runs away but returns shortly with his mother who proceeds to beat you, punching you in the face until one side of your face is so swollen you cannot  see. So use to being beaten and abused you don’t run to the authorities but you hide for days, at least until your swollen face is not that noticeable. Are you there with me? Do you feel helpless? I did because this is exactly what happened to Rose three nights ago. Will you help me take care of Makena by sponsoring her @ $40 a month? 

– Kyle McCarter