You have a Future!

Everyone of the orphans that we care for in Tharaka was invited to a special Christmas lunch. They walked from as far as 8 km away. We sent picki pickis for others. One driver with 5 kids on the back. We had chai, played games, then the feast began: goat stew, chicken, chapatis, mashed potatoes, goat stomach and liver, cabbage & sakuma weki. Sakuma Weki means to push the week, make ends meet when you have very little. We also had pineapple and mango slices. You should have seen how big their eyes got when I opened the pot of stomach. They started jumping. Oh boy, I was glad they wanted it because I did not.

Most had never eaten like this. They live on githiri – boiled maize and beans. After the first serving we had the servers go around and fill their plates up again. They ate and ate and ate. The place was quiet. Surely they could not eat any more. Then came the sodas. A soda for everyone. A 17oz sprite, stoney, fanta, or coke. I asked how they could even drink it after eating so much. The reply from Dorcas was, “it is Christmas, they can”. They may only get one soda in a year.

What more could we do for them? A gift! Victoria put together tote bags and clear plastic shoe boxes with crayons, sweets, pencils, headbands, soccer jerseys, biscuits, rubber balls, plastic plates forks and spoons, cups, water bottles, deodorant, dolls, gum, notebooks, and more. I gave the older boys graduating from form 4, 12th grade, a special knife imprinted with Senator McCarter on it.

We prayed for them, blessed them, loved on them, and reminded them that God had a great plan for their lives and that they were not forgotten. We told them to never let anyone tell them that they could not become someone great. They left Little City full, a little less afraid, and with more hope that God has a future for them.