Clean Water!

Water! I just came back from visiting the Catholics in Mukothima. The dust was 10 inches deep on the road and the motorcycle I borrowed to get there plowed through it covering me up to my knees. Talk about divine appointments. I took a pineapple to Father Mwenda to say thank you to them for approving EOFO to hook onto the main line coming from the spring. Yes, spring water at EOFO. I am going back after writing this to help finish digging the trench, only 130 meters, to our water tank. The cost to sign up for the maintenance of the line was only 10,000 ks. /$125. The water itself will cost only 1ks per 10 liters. About $30 a month. I am not leaving here until I see the water for myself coming from the tap. The outbreak of Typhoid appears to be contained. The problem is it can lay dormant and we are still waiting for the vaccines to arrive. Thank you for your continued prayers; we’ll be home soon. Kyle McCarter-EOFO International Director