Excitement in Tharaka

SM_EOFO14_ Selects-CS8A8491 2Exciting things are happening here—what a blessing! A great deal of our recent efforts focus on working with orphaned and vulnerable children as well as beginning home visits with our nurses for the immobile and elderly. Excellent Academy continues to grow and provide the best education in the district.

Along with the progress we are making in Kenya, there are still some major concerns we must address. Our precious children are quickly losing a sense of ‘fatherhood’ and guidance. There are a record number of children whose fathers have abandoned them, plus countless deaths of fathers dying from tribal warfare. Each One Feed One has responded with emergency assistance for many of these children and has been able to bring 25 children onto our campus. However, the problem is not solved and there are more children that need us everyday.

SM_EOFO14_ Selects-CS8A2123In order to bring aid to children in need, address increasing requests for medical care, and provide a sustainable solution, we immediately need to purchase the land near our school and health care clinic to build permanent housing. As the need grows with each passing day, we need your support to provide a safe haven and a place for those who need
healing and restoration.

Thank you for investing in the lives of these children, and the generations that will come after them. When you change a child, you change a family. Change a family, and you change a village. Change a village, you can change a country. Together we can change the landscape of Kenya as we build into the future leaders of this country. We need God-sized miracles and your continued prayers and support to address the devastating needs we face on a daily basis.

It begins with one child.

In Christ,