First Annual Easter Egg Hunt

theresaNot only do we give hope to children at Each 1 Feed 1, but also to widows like Teresa. She is a 75-year old mother of nine, eight of which she has already buried. Teresa came to us with half of her face horrifically eaten away by a mysterious disease. Please consider a gift today to help pay for her medical care while she receives lifesaving surgery.


egg huntOn Good Friday we showed The Passion of the Christ movie to around 100 people. Toward the end of the movie the skies started to turn black and people began leaving in droves to beat the storm (answered prayer!). However, two little girls waited patiently to talk to me.  They were hungry and had walked over 10 kilometers to see the movie. They pleaded for food as only desperate children can plead.  After giving them popcorn, boiled eggs and a new skirt and blouse, the older girl smiled lovingly and said, “God will bless your family.”

I believe He already has!