Games Day

1 apr 1Dear EOFO Family,

We fed 460 children at the annual “Games Day” in Mukothima, the small town just down the road from Tharaka.

Our motto “Each One Feed One” was lived out as our school children were each given a sandwich to eat and one to give away. I encouraged the children to always remember the hungry in Tharaka, especially since it as not that long ago that they were hungry.

It proved to be a fabulous day since the rains stayed away during the games.

When evening came our prayers for rain were answered as the sky opened up and drenched the thirsty Tharakan ground.

1 apr 2Our MLEA school sports teams continue to advance to the next level in hand-ball and net ball. I’m so proud of our school!

Thank you for your prayers for rain!

Have a wonderfully blessed Easter,

Victoria McCarter

He is not here; He has Risen!

Luke 24:6