I Can Read!

In June EOFO launched a new Adult Literacy Class. There is such a big need for this in Tharaka. Most of the older generation, especially the women, were not given a chance to go through much school.

The literacy classes meet twice a week on our campus. Our student’s reaction to the class has been phenomenal. In the 4 months they have learned their ABC’s, how to write their names, basic addition, blending consonants, and putting small words together.

When I asked them how they felt now that they have learned these things their responses as well as their expressions told the story. One woman said, “ I feel like there is such a change in my life because I can write my name and recognize the alphabet.” Another woman with a great big smile said, “I feel so good that I can just write my name. If I go to a meeting and they ask me to write my name I will be able to just write it.”

Not only are they receiving the education to read the word of God in their own language, their self-esteem and position in the community has greatly improved. Thanks to your continued support, they will say very soon be able to say, “I can read!” Lydia Stern