Lilian & Martin were desperate for help!

Lilian & Martin were desperate for help!

Eight-year-old Lilian and her six-year-old brother, Martin are both HIV positive. Orphaned and alone, Lilian had been walking over 25 kilometers to a clinic to collect their antiretroviral drugs.

On days when Lilian was too weak to walk, one of the local teachers or a medic would collect their drugs. But this would be after the children had already missed at least a month’s dosage of their ARV’s. Lilian

To make matters worse, the children had to walk or wade across two big seasonal rivers. When the rivers were full, they were unable to attend school or go to the clinic.  If that wasn’t enough, monkeys that lived along the river would attack the children and try to snatch whatever they were carrying, especially their food.

Lilian and Martin needed a miracle!

MartinYour prayers and financial support have been that miracle. We have now moved both Lilian and Martin onto our campus at Each One Feed One. Our clinic, Faith Thanadu, recently became a provider for ARV’s so Lilian and Martin no longer have to walk 25 plus kilometers to receive their medicine.

They have clean water to drink, healthy food to eat, a beautiful school to attend, and the hope that only Jesus brings! 

None of this would have been possible without your support.

THANK YOU for your continued compassion and generosity.




A huge THANK YOU to good friends and long-time EOFO supporters Pastor Nick and Chris Harris. Kyle and I shared at Ariel Chapel last week and were blessed beyond belief by the generosity of this amazing church!