Something was Terribly Wrong!

Dear Friends,

Something was terribly wrong. *Kanja loved school and enjoyed spending time with her best friend, Mercy. So when Kanja didn’t show up for school after Christmas break we knew something was amiss.

Soon we discovered the ugly truth about why she didn’t return.

Kanja was being prostituted and sold in the local market to the highest bidder.

We quickly sent a “piki piki” motorcycle along with two of our pastors to rescue her and bring her back to the safety of our campus.Later that day, Kanja’s angry uncle stormed onto our campus wielding a “panga” machete and threatened to kill one of our pastors.

Fortunately, we were able to convince the uncle to put his panga down and then quickly had him removed from our campus. This uncle, who had been prostituting his niece, was angry because his niece was no longer going to bring him any profit.

Sadly, this is the plight of many of the girls in Kenya.  The very people called to love and protect them sell them in a village or to the highest dowry bidder in an arranged marriage. Often ‘selling’ a daughter or niece takes place just after the girl is mutilated through circumcision.

Using girls as property seems to be the only way many families survive in Kenya. But thanks to your partnership, girls like Kanja now have a chance to be free and to enjoy their lives.

She is a testimony of God’s redeeming grace.

Won’t you help us protect these precious girls from ungodly, harmful practices by giving a gift today? Give Now

*Name changed to protect her identity.

Nesletter girls
Thank you for helping us make life beautiful one child at a time!
Truly grateful,
Victoria McCarter
Director of Education
Each One Feed One, Int.
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