Typical Tharakan Day

I woke up to the crowing of the rooster and the dripping of the kitchen sink, thanking God that the water tap which had been dry for the last two days finally produced water. It was going to be another scorching Tharakan day.

I went to school and did my usual rounds of checking to be sure the school had water and reminding the kids to “kutembia” walk on the pavement and not to run. Agnes, our bookkeeper, came rushing towards me to inform me that the goat I bought had arrived. It was a small ‘she’ goat who was not happy in the least to be taken from her mother. I was assured that even thought the goat was small it was of good quality.

Later in the afternoon I witnessed my first Tharakan hair salon as one of my teachers had her students remove her hair extensions beneath the thatched roof of the kanda.


Who needs to pay for a pricy salon treatment when you can have your hair done here?!!

After school I had a delicious slice of fresh mango. The sun was now calm and the air cooled so I lit a few mosquito coils as I thanked God for the pleasant night air. Love to all from Tharaka!