Rescue The Unwanted!

Dear Friends,

Unnamed. Unwanted. Little Eric was left abandoned on the outskirts of the forest

near the roadside.

It was New Year’s Eve and good Samaritans who were passing by on their way to their holiday celebration heard little Eric’s cries and rushed him to the local hospital.

Eric was cared for by the hospital’s nurses and staff until there was a strike and no one was left to care for him.

So Eric was brought to a safe place that accepts and loves children unconditionally, Each One Feed One.  Our staff took Eric in with the love of Jesus, fed him, bathed him, and gave him the name, Eric Baraka.

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Since coming to Each One Feed One, Eric has stolen the hearts of the staff with his sweet smile and sunny disposition.  He may be abandoned by his earthly parents, but he will never be forgotten by Jesus!



The story of Eric and children like him that are left abandoned is way too common in Tharaka.  Children are left at the side of the road by mothers who can no longer care for them because of the financial strain.  When a parent leaves, it is without any explanation of where they are going.  The situation may seem hopeless, but Jesus has a plan for these precious children.

Thank you for partnering with us to help transform the lives of the children of Tharaka!

Kyle and Victoria McCarter