World Cup Soccer, nail painting , and a 5K

What do World Cup Soccer, nail painting , and a 5K run have in common?

As many of you know Victoria and I spend part of our summer at the EOFO project in SM_EOFO14_ Selects-CS8A9047Tharaka. We are taking a group from Faith Family Church to help us train our teachers and help with construction. The big event of the trip however is our annual 5k race, woman’s spa day, and the World Cup Soccer match viewing. Our Excellent Academy children will be running over the river, down dirt roads, into the bush over rocks and thorns, to the waterfall and back. We then celebrate with the parents with medals for the winners, popcorn, and real gatorade. A group of young people from Effingham, IL are raising $7 per student for our 221 kids to pay for the shirts, medals, and food.

SM_EOFO14_ Selects-CS8A4251SM_EOFO14_ Selects-CS8A6051SM_EOFO14_ Selects-CS8A5504During the race the women will be getting their nails painted as they listen to Victoria and the guest speaker they love so much, my mother, known SM_EOFO14_ Selects-IMG_4467as Momma Linda. They
will be speaking about the great plan Christ has for their lives, as mothers and as wives. Consistently, we serve over 1000 women in Tharaka. The cost of this event is only about $1 each and we have not had anyone promise to contribute for this. Can you be responsible for 10 women at $10, 50 women at $50, or even 500 women at $500?

Now for the men. We have a horrific problem in Tharaka with the men. So many are shirking their responsibilities as husbands, fathers, and providers. Woman and children are being abandoned for second wives daily, leaving the family hungry and impoverished. The women work in the fields to provide basic subsistence of millet pouridge, maize, green grams, and beans on a swatters size postage stamp size of land they are left with. So SM_EOFO14_ Selects-CS8A6421how do get the men to show up to be challenged, and encouraged to be responsible, protecters and providers for their wives and children? You show a World Cup soccer match! That is how. We expect at least 500 men. There are only 3 small TV’s in our area. People fill the streets in front of the shop with the tv just to get a peek of a soccer match on saturday afternoons. One man charges people a membership fee to come to his house to watch soccer, or football as they say. We plan on setting one up in our chapel and the cost is going to be about $3 per person. Not just for one day but every Saturday Afternoon. Would you be willing to help imagemake this possible? 10 men for $30, 100 men for $300. Just note “World Cup” when you give online or send your gift to our office.

These big events are coming up soon so we need to hear from you by Thursday, June 19th. The team will leave the next day.

~ Kyle McCarter