Excellent Academey

Mama Linda’s Excellent Academy

Education plays a major role in releasing a child from poverty. An educated child is equipped with the tools to fight poverty and conquer disease. And school offers a safe, supportive environment for children to learn life skills, make friends and have fun.

Excellent Academy Elementary School provides food, water and a quality education to more than 300 students in the poverty stricken area of Tharaka, Kenya. “Excellent Academy exists to raise the next generation of Kenyan leaders by pursuing excellence in academic & practical skills and integrity in conduct & moral values so each child becomes a responsible Christian & productive citizen of Kenya. ”

An average classroom in Kenya has about forty students. Excellent Academy’s average class size is twenty, a huge benefit to the students as fewer students per class equates to better student achievement.

Excellent Academy provides breakfast and lunch for all students, staff and visitors on campus. This is often the only food children will eat the entire day. Students study Kiswahili, English, math, science, social studies, and Christian Religious Education (CRE).