Life Training Center

Kenya’s extremely fertile land and climate provides an excellent environment to develop power based self-sustainability using solar power, bio gas, hydropower, on-site vocational training, as well as agricultural and livestock farming. The project aims to become a model for use throughout East Africa with a focus on empowering and equipping the next generation of leaders. The campus in Tharaka, Kenya is strategically located next to the Thanantu River, which never runs dry and allows for irrigation throughout the dry season. The Thanantu River also waters Each 1 Feed 1 farm and other local farmland that supplies vegetables, fruit, and poultry products to Tharaka, Kenya.

The Each 1 Feed 1 Life Training Center will be a primary resource for the people of Tharaka, Kenya. With quality education the next generation has an opportunity for better paying jobs and to be responsible citizens which could lead to breaking the vicious cycle of poverty in the region. Identifying individual giftings and talents of each young person early and supporting them through intense training programs can ensure success beyond the traditional route of secondary and college education.

The Life Training Center will encompass:

Skills development

Skills development – targeted toward existing and growing markets using successfulbusiness principles, innovative technology, and hands on mentor training.

A culture of learning

A culture of learning – in coordination with education to enhance basic knowledge and skills that translates into personal goal setting and achievement.


Discipline – learning how to consistently do the right things


Faith – understanding the true value of work, service, and honoring Christ by using individual gifts.


Servanthood – learning how to serve others and realizing the benefits of God’s favor in order to provide for a family and break the ongoing cycle of poverty. We need qualified staff to develop curriculum, teachers/mentors, and engineering teams to develop tools, and facilities for classrooms and housing students. These efforts will support the ongoing development of the campus in Tharaka, Kenya as well as the community at large.